About Jloo

Jloo is an easy-to-use free software which does not require any installation on your computer.

It combines two tools which monitor your website’s online reputation on social networks. In other words, Jloo keeps track of how well your website is positioned on Google, based on different keyword searches.

Why is Jloo free ?

Jloo’s aim is to popularize and make available to a wider audience of web owners those tools which were previously solely reserved to web professionals.

Developed by web enthusiasts, Jloo is a free and intuitive solution.


Simple and powerful, Social analyses social networks for you.

The Social tool allows you to follow people who mention your website on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Simply enter your website’s url and view your online reputation !

Want to take the exploration further? For only 0.99 € per month and per keyword, follow other websites or keywords of your liking.


Monitor your website’s Google position based on keywords of your liking.

The Track tool allows you to measure, daily, your website’s Google position, based on different keywords of your liking.

View, for free, your website’s ranking using up to 50 keywords !

Measure your website’s evolution through the history of your positions based on the registered keywords of your choice.

Want to monitor your competitors? Simply add and track them for the price of 0.99 € per month for each competitor.


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